Tswitat provides the referrals feature that enables the user to invite others to sign up and use the website via a special link created for each user, giving a great opportunity of increasing revenue through people invited through the invitation link

When the referrals earn profits, you get 20% of their profits directly. The personal account file contains a system for all referral data, including your invitation link, with the ability to copy the link and share it on social networks

Example: If a referral has earned 10 $, then you would find 2 $ in your account balance, and if he earned 100 $ you would get $ 20 and so on. You can invite unlimited number of referrals and make a lot of Profit

We have developed the referral system so you can find a special page showing the profits and the names of referrals who registered through your invitation link. This page is available in the profile of any user

The more people you invite , the more profit you will get , with our best referrals system ever